Fisherman’s Wharf Cooktown

Fisherman's Wharf Cooktown in a nutshell...

Fisherman’s Wharf Cooktown is by no means a marina but as the name suggests, a wharf. However, it is the last solid piece of land you can tie your boat to going north. Cooktown has a lot to offer if you want to stay for a few days. You can take in the scenery, visit historic places and recharge the batteries (both figuratively and literally).

In our opinion:


  • The best place you can park your boat if not for the fact it is the only place
  • Quaint little town with lots to see
  • IGA has a courtesy pickup and drop-off
  • Last opportunity to stock up on anything
  • It is also a fuel dock


  • You are under security spotlights that penetrate your fibreglass hull!
  • No facilities other than public
  • Limited supplies and trades available



Fisherman’s Wharf Cooktown is located about 70 NMs north of Port Douglas and is your last stop for maintenance and repair when travelling north. Fisherman’s Wharf Cooktown is well sheltered from the tradewinds and your last (or first) opportunity to park your boat against something solid.

First Impression

There is not a lot of room coming into Cooktown. There is a small channel that is well marked. Once in, your best bet is to stay between and to the southern side of the 2 yellow markers. Fisherman’s Wharf is the first wharf you see and is well signposted. You need to call and book your spot as there is probably only room for one or two boats so do this well in advance. There will be someone there to catch your line.


There are no facilities. The closest you get to facilities is a public toilet block located on the other side of the street. There is however a good laundromat 30 meters from the wharf as well as a coffee shop. 

You can do your shopping at the local IGA which is in walking distance. They also have a courtesy service where they pick you up and drop you off. The town offers a small chandlery but has limited trades on stand-by.

There are some restaurants nearby and a great fish & chipper 40 meters from your boat. The shop is owned by the same lady that owns the wharf.

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Fisherman’s Wharf Cooktown

7 Webber Esplanade
Cooktown QLD 4895

+61 (0) 7 4069 5173

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