Breakwater Marina Townsville

Breakwater Marina Townsville in a nutshell...

We had some engine problems and needed to sort it out in Townsville which was our nearest port at the time. We picked Breakwater Marina

In our opinion:


  • Restaurants at the Strand nearby
  • Great ablution facilities. Not new but very well looked after
  • Laundry was exceptional with ironing boards and irons.
  • Well stocked exchange library
  • Coles within 15-minute walking distance
  • Courtesy car @ $10 for 2 hours
  • Rubbish disposal for all types of liquids, batteries etc…
  • Well trained and very friendly staff.


  • Long fingers so you may need to walk a bit to the toilet blocks
  • Long way from industrial areas and chandleries
  • Limited supplies and trades available



Breakwater Marina Townsville is located about 150 NMs south of Cairns and about 90 NMs north of Bowen.

Breakwater Marina Townsville is well sheltered from all winds and it is easy to get in and out.

First Impression

We did have some engine problems so we called ahead and let them know. The young lad was extremely accomodating offering us several mooring options depending on the motor cooperating for long enough. In the end, we were able to sail it into the berth where he was waiting for us to catch a line.


In some marinas, you feel that the staff and management are just there to do their job. At Breakwater Marina Townsville you find a refreshing change to this where they actually care about their marina and how it affects their clients.

Although the facilities are not new and super modern, they are well maintained and fresh looking. Water pressure seems almost at an excessive level (no complaints) so your first off-boat shower is something you will remember.

The laundry was well equipped with everything you would expect including washers, dryers, ironing boards and irons as well as a substantial library of books.

The best thing about Breakwater Marina Townsville is the fact they have a courtesy car available for 2-hour sessions at $10. This includes your petrol. Perfect for doing the shopping or chasing that spare part as Townsville seems a bit “spread-out”.

Another outstanding feature was the rubbish collection point where there was a facility for disposal of oils, chemicals, batteries and other environmentally sensitive products to be dealt with in the proper manner. You can only speculate where these products go in places such as Cairns where there is simply one big compactor.

The Breakwater Marina Townsville is also reasonably priced with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rates.

Overall, a very well run marina.



Breakwater Marina Townsville

Post: PO Box 1469,
Townsville, QLD 4810
+61 (0)7 4721 2233
VHF Radio: Channel 16/Channel 10. Call Sign: ‘Breakwater Marina’

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